Tips on using for free

Make no mistake; all decent dating sites will charge for membership. I have yet to run into a good dating site that is 100% free. The best known sites, such as and Zoosk all require you to pull out your credit card and purchase a subscription if you want Read More

Why e-cigarette brands matter

It’s true that you can find good, unbranded e-cigarettes, and I’ve done it myself. But without a brand name to back up the quality of a product, you must go through a lot of trial and error before finding the product you like. To me, this extra hassle isn’t worth Read More

The importance of price comparison

A lot of times, I come across online merchants who advertise that they have the lowest prices. Some even have a low-price guarantee. However, you should not automatically assume that such vendors will indeed offer the best price on an item. I’ve run into numerous instance where I was able Read More

Does eharmony work? An in-depth look.

We all want to find love. But this unfortunately is something that’s easier said than done. Most people have to suffer through many failed relationships before finding someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Even when a relationship lead to marriage, it often falls apart later, Read More

Best way to watch TV online

It wasn’t long ago that you had to sit in front on a TV at a certain time in order to catch your favorite shows. Of course, there were ways to work around this, such as recording shows and watching them later. But let’s be honest. How many of us Read More