Does eharmony work? An in-depth look.

We all want to find love. But this unfortunately is something that’s easier said than done. Most people have to suffer through many failed relationships before finding someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Even when a relationship lead to marriage, it often falls apart later, leading to divorce. It’s no secret, therefore, the human relationships are highly complex.

pic_n-c-warrenBut thanks to science, researchers are beginning to isolate the factors that contribute to a healthy, long-term relationship. Psychologists have been studying the science of love for decades now, but it’s only in the last 10 years that their findings have really been put to use.

Eharmony is probably the best example of a scientific approach to relationships. This highly popular online site uses complex algorithms to match up members with each other. While no compatibility matching system is perfect, eHarmony does have a relatively impressive record. To date, it is famous for being the dating site that has lead to more marriages than anyone else.

The key to the eHarmony matchmaking system is its personality test, which is a requirement for everyone who wishes to join. In fact, when you log onto the site the first time, you can’t do anything at all until you complete the test. Consisting of hundreds of questions, it can take a while to get through the test.

I favor signing up for a long-term membership plan to really take advantage of everything eHarmony has to offer. Not surprisingly, the longer-term memberships also end up saving you more money on the monthly rate. But you don’t have to commit right away. Setting up an account at eHarmony is free at first. Moreover, you can get special promotions for eHarmony that will further bring down the cost. It’s only when you decide to start communicating with matches freely, that you have to pay up.

Compared to other dating sites, I find that eHarmony has a more “slow and steady” page. You are not bombarded with hundreds of matches – in fact, on many days you do not even receive one. When you do receive matches, you get them in small quantities, giving you more than enough time to analyze each match closely.

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